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Largest automotive market place all over the world

The COVAI SSK Is the Multi Brand Service Centre in which we deal with car servicing and spare parts sales.

Founders Has the Experience in The Automobile Industry for More Than 20 Years.

Here We Provide the Best Services such As Car Washing, Polishing, Interior Cleaning, Wheel alignment, and body shop, and the Service Is Extended As per Customer Requirements.

We offer all the services of Best-in-class. The Employees Are Professional and Highly-Trained Persons.

Reliable & Fully Insured

You can check our website, forums, and review platforms to find recommendations and feedback from other customers.

Trusted & Experienced

We take pride in being a reliable and full warranty source for all your auto spare part needs. When it comes to auto spare parts, our reputation as a dependable and full warranty provider speaks for itself.


We want to extend our branches all over Tamil Nadu soon.
Under one roof all services should be available. With continuous effort, we want to become one of the best organizations in the servicing sector.


Customer satisfaction is our primary motto. Quality service should be given with less margin.

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

Emphasizing your commitment to quality, durability, and reliability reassures that we are investing in products that will meet your expectations and provide value for their money.

Value For Money

Demonstrating that our products offer the right balance between quality and affordability can appeal to you and looking for the best deal.


If your car need long-standing history in the industry or is known for its technical expertise, we are showcasing this, which build trust and creditablity among you, seeking knowledgeable advice and reliable products.

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